Custom Shirts

Made with Egyptian Cotton and 100% Sea Island Cotton

No suit is complete without a perfect fitting dress shirt.

You choose the fit, fabric, collar style, and cuffs that you want. It can be as simple a white elegant shirt or as complex as contrast stitching and fabric.

You choose.

Based on your needs and desires we can advise on style, fit and fabric. We only carry the finest cotton cloth’s, Egyptian cotton and 100% Sea Island cotton both available in wrinkle free. These last longer, feel better on the skin and breathe better making them cooler to wear.

You can customize any details you like on your custom shirt. Choose from 12 different collar styles, 7 pocket styles, plackets, 7 cuff styles and 8 different monograms styles.

For more information call 800-245-6747 or click here.

Ready to experience a hand-crafted suit?

With our custom-fit handmade suits, and lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship,
rest assured you are wearing the perfect suit to compliment your body and style.