Handmade Suits

It takes us longer to make them, is tedious, requires higher skill, cost us more, but produces a better suit.

London’s Savile Row quality, for the same price – or less – than you pay for your suits now.

Luxury brands Brioni, Oxxford, Canali, and Kiton are some of the best suit makers in the world. But would you rather have one of their off the racks suits costing over $3,000, or a custom fitted handmade suit by Invellus starting at $1,640 made only for you–with the fabrics, style, and details you want?

With our handmade suits that are made truly for you, you can choose the style, cloth, vents, lapels, buttons, and even thread color can be customized.


3 reasons to choose Invellus over other custom suit makers

Better fit, higher quality suit, and our life time craftsmanship guarantee. We craft your suit the old way, by hand. Sure, it takes longer, is more tedious, and requires more skill. But an Invellus suit fits like a glove and will look better on you. What does handmade mean at Invellus? It means our tailors sew by hand your collar, lining armhole, lining shoulder seam, chest pocket, button holes, button attachments, collar front, bottom lining and facing, flower loop, trousers waistband, and fly.

Reason #1

Our Standards- The Invellus standard in craftsmanship is handmade, full canvass, working button holes–what others offer as a premium service. While competitors focus on selling low-level custom suits to the masses, at Invellus our standards never change. Sure we may sell fewer suits than our competitors, but we make suits we are proud of.

Reason #2

Our Guarantee- We guarantee our craftsmanship on the suits for a lifetime. As the years go by, if a thread or button comes undone, simply return it to us and we will repair at no charge. If well taken care of, your suit  will last you a lifetime.

Reason #3

handmadesuits-2Our Design Options- We can customize almost everything on your suit, from buttons, pockets, liner, stitching, collars and lapels, even thread color.

The feeling you get when you put on a suit we have custom-fitted for you can hardly be described. You have the feeling of poise, polish, confidence. This can only be experienced. Contact us today. If you are not happy with your new suit and we cannot correct it, we will simply remake your suit or refund you in full. It’s that simple, so call today 800-245-6747 or click here to setup an appointment in your home or office.


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With our custom-fit handmade suits, and lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship,
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